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Mirvac and the landowner have a vision that reimagines East Carrington Road as a vibrant new mixed-use precinct combining world class building design with generous public open space, community infrastructure, revitalised heritage buildings, urban services, industrial creative spaces, new homes, and local retail.

The Site

The East Carrington Road site is approximately 8 hectares in size and is located 7km from the Sydney CBD. The site comprises 4 - 38 Carrington Road and the adjoining properties on the eastern end of Renwick Street.

East Carrington Road benefits from being in close proximity to 3 major train stations:
• Tempe: 250m from the site;
• Marrickville: 500m from the site (due to be converted to Metro, forecast to open in 2024); and
• Sydenham: 750m from the site (due to be converted to Metro, forecast to open in 2024).


The landowner of East Carrington Road, the Haralambides, are a local family who, after migrating to Australia in the early 1950's, began a clothing manufacturing business in the 1960's and, following two other moves around surrounding suburbs, finally moved to East Carrington Road in the 1990's. Their relationship with the area stretches back many decades and to this day the family operate a clothing import and retail business out of 10 Carrington Road.

Through the years they have steadily acquired landholdings on the site and the majority of East Carrington Road site is now under their ownership.

The Haralambides are more than landowners – they are also the landlord for all the tenants and talk to them on a regular basis, ensuring their needs as tenants and local businesses are met.

East Carrington Road has been a vital hub for creative industries and the landowner has focused on helping this industry expand and prosper in Marrickville. Mirvac and the landowner are committed to providing purpose-built space for the retention of the creative industries in any new development.

Their vision is to partner with Mirvac to create a truly unique mixed-use urban renewal precinct that blends publicly accessible parks, space for local industry, residential, and local retail uses together.

Community Consultation

Mirvac and landowner lodged a Preliminary Planning Proposal for the precinct with Inner West Council in May 2017. Together we have listened to the community and taken this great opportunity to start at first principles to ensure the valuable feedback from our community engagement and existing tenants can be incorporated into the future revitalisation of the precinct.

Mirvac and the landowner have established a Community Reference Group (CRG) comprising local community organisations, existing tenants on the site, the business community, schools and neighbouring residents who have a demonstrated an interest in the precinct. The CRG meet on a regular basis to inform the revised Planning Proposal and will continue to meet regularly during the development of the precinct.

The CRG acts as a consultative forum for discussing detailed aspects of the project and providing constructive feedback for the precinct’s planning and design for outcomes that will benefit the greater community.

Further information on the CRG and all community engagement including meeting summaries can be found on the "Community Notices" tab at the top of the page.

Project Overview

The heritage buildings of East Carrington Road will be celebrated and form the heart of the new precinct. The development will draw inspiration from Mirvac's 'Tramsheds' at Harold Park, adaptively refurbishing and restoring the heritage buildings so they are opened to the community.

Mirvac's past projects demonstrate the company's expertise to address constraints and opportunities such as heritage, drainage, and traffic. These constraints and opportunities are typical of such a large urban renewal precinct. The revitalisation of the site will improve the area's flooding and stormwater issues, replacing aged and insufficient drainage infrastructure with a modern network. The infrastructure strategy will improve current flooding issues to Carrington Road as well as the surrounding streets and subsequently enhance the health of the Cooks River.

A Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) will be prepared based on community feedback, feasibility studies and the initial assessment from the Inner West Council. The VPA will provide for a suite of public benefits to be delivered as part of the proposed revitalisation of the East Carrington Road precinct. A list of Priority Public Benefits identified by the Community Reference Group (CRG) can be found in Community Notices.

Moving Forward

Mirvac and the landowner are committed to ongoing engagement with the local community and existing tenants onsite and encourage the broader community to keep up to date with all of the latest news by checking the Community Notices or by getting in touch through the below form.

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