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CRG Meeting 5 provided members with an overview of past Mirvac projects which have involved heritage restoration including Walsh Bay, the Tramsheds, and Marrick & Co. This was followed by a presentation on the existing social infrastructure in the local area and a workshop to identify key social infrastructure members would like to see in the redevelopment.

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CRG Meeting 6 provided members with an update on the project progression, provided an opportunity for members to report back on their members feedback then ARUP presented case studies of international urban regenerations projects with a similar nature to East Carrington Road. Members then participated in a design workshop on Connectivity.

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In meeting 7 of the CRG, members were updated on the project progress before Mirvac presented on affordable housing. Following that Hip v Hype presented on Sustainability Principles (Social and Environmental), which then informed a group workshop on Sustainability.

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Meeting 8 comprised of a presentation by the Arup Cities team providing an overview of the Draft Local Character Statement prepared for East Carrington Road, and a presentation by Ethos Urban on the Draft Interim Consultation Outcomes Report. Both presentations were proceeded by feedback and discussion between members of the CRG and project team.

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Meeting 9 comprised of a presentation by Mirvac on the proposed Employment Strategy for East Carrington Road (prepared by Arup), and a presentation by fjmt on the initial ground plane design studies. The presentations were followed by a workshop for community members to provide feedback on land use and open space locations on the initial ground plane design.

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The Community Reference Group (CRG) is made up of local community and business organisations, existing tenants on the site, schools, and interested neighbouring residents. The CRG meets regularly to discuss detailed aspects of the development and provide constructive feedback for the precincts planning and design.