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The terms of reference establish the guidelines and process for the CRG throughout the lifecycle of the project. The terms of reference have been agreed and endorsed by the CRG.

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CRG Meeting 1 provided participants with an opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on the Terms of Reference. This was followed by an overview on the site’s history, the planning process moving forward and how the first principles will be incorporated into the revised design.

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CRG Meeting 2 included a detailed tour of the site, allowing members to better understand the existing context including the physical buildings and constraints. The tour was followed by an overview of project architect fjmt.

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CRG Meeting 3 provided an overview of the project team and supporting consultant team that are involved in the project. Presentations were also provided by ASPECT Studios (landscape architect) and fjmt on the draft Urban Design Principles with a workshop undertaken by members to refine these principles.

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CRG Meeting 4 provided a series of presentations by project consultants for the following disciplines Traffic, Environmental, Employment, Geotechnical and Heritage.

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The Community Reference Group (CRG) is made up of local community and business organisations, existing tenants on the site, schools, and interested neighbouring residents. The CRG meets regularly to discuss detailed aspects of the development and provide constructive feedback for the precincts planning and design.